Rhode Island’s Victory Medical Spa talks about the HISTORY OF BOTOX.

From Toxin To Multi- Billion Dollar Fountain of Youth Industry

BOTOX was first discovered in the 1820’s when Dr. Justinus Kerner  researched what was the cause of death for some Germans who had consumed sausage. Turns out it was food–borne botulinum toxin.

Rhode Island Botox imageThen during the 1940’s, the United States attempted to use this poison to take out its enemies.  Botulism capsules were made and given to Chinese prostitutes to slip into the food and drink of high ranking Japanese officers during WWII. 

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Botox in Rhode Island with Natural Results

If you are thinking about having Botox in RI, you obviously want to achieve the best results possible. By itself, Botox is simply a tool. What ultimately matters is how it is being used and by whom.

When many people think of Botox, they may think of a frozen faced celebrity talked about on TV or in the tabloids for their obviously overdone look. I am here to tell you it does NOT have to look like that. I don’t know if these exaggerated results are intentional or accidental by an over-zealous Beverly Hills doctor BUT at Victory Medical Spa we are all about looking natural.

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