All procedures are performed by Dr. James Gallo, a board certified & licensed MD.


$9 per unit per unit or $8 per unit if treatment >= 50 units. Dr Gallo is one of RI top Dysport providers, reaching ‘partner executive level’ in 2015. This allows us to purchase product at a discount which we pass along to our patients.

SPECIAL Restylane Silk or Restylane Lyft
Save $50 on a 1ml syringe of any Restylane Product (your price is now price $475)
2nd syringe only $425 *must be done at same appointment.

Save $100 on a 1.5ml syringe Radiesse volumizing filler (your price is now $500)

Save $50 on a 1ml syringe Belotero dermal filler (your price is now $450)

Purchase Three ThermiSmooth treatments and get the fourth one Free !


Botox $12 per unit
Dysport $10 per unit
Xeomin $10 per unit
Restylane Lyft $525 for a 1ml syringe or 2 for $1000
Restylane Silk $525 for a 1ml syringe or 2 for $1000
Radiesse $600 for a 1.5ml syringe
Belotero $500 for a 1ml syringe
Dermapen full face $250 with PRP $600
ThermiSmooth full face $250.
ThermiTight neck $2500.