aging facesThe changes that occur on the aging face can be categorized by the 3 D’s; Deflation, Deterioration and Descent.  These three processes occur at different degrees and different rates for each individual.

Deflation of soft tissue can be seen as thinning skin and loss of fat and muscle.

Deterioration is the inevitable break down of soft tissue and collagen caused by both genetic and environmental factors.

Descent is the sagging of soft tissue and is a symptom of both deflation and deterioration.

Lifestyle choices such as excessive sun exposure, smoking, alcohol and poor nutrition will accelerate the aging process.

The treatment for the 3 D’s is the 3 R’s; Revolumize, Resurface, and Reposition.  All of this can be achieved from advanced non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques with very minimal downtime, if any

Dr. Gallo’s beautiful and natural results not only rely on skilled precision and understanding of facial anatomy, but on an artistic talent which can’t be taught.  This is what sets him apart from many others.