Xeomin vs Botox

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Xeomin has been battling its way for part of the market share in neurotoxins since its FDA approval in 2011. Bringing any product into an already established market quite a challenge. Botox competition is fierce as their branding efforts have reached the highest levels achievable. Much like ‘Kleenex’ is used to refer to just about every brand of tissue on the market, Botox has also become a household name.

But does better branding necessarily yield a better product? The game changing conclusion is in. A recent head to head blind study of 250 patients, sponsored by Merz, showed non-inferiority between the two. Both Xeomin & Botox started working within 3 days. In 7 days, all patients were satisfied and results compared the same at 1 month, 2 months, 3 months and 4 months.

Patients that are new to neurotoxins have the same question in mind. So if both work equally the same, which one should I use?

Cost is a primary deciding factor for many in these economically challenging times. Xeomin costs a little less to purchase than Botox because is does not need to be frozen or refrigerated. The physician may choose to pass this savings onto his patients.

Xeomin also contains no bounding albumin protein which keeps its molecules pure, reducing the risk of an allergic reaction. There is also less of a risk of antibody formation which in theory makes patients less likely to develop a resistance, as can happen with Botox.

The bottom line is BOTH are safe and effective for aesthetic use. Here at Victory Medical Spa, we offer all three of the FDA approved neurotoxin (Botox, Dysport & Xeomin) to meet patient needs and demands. There will always be variations with people, but all three work well in the hands of a highly trained and skilled injector, such as Dr. Gallo.

If you would like to try Xeomin for yourself, we are currently offering a $9 per unit special while supplies last. Please call Kim @401-458-0825 to schedule your appointment. For more information you can check out our website @ www.victorymedspa.com

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