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Our patients appreciate knowing they have options. Like Kleenex® and Band-Aid®, Botox® is a brand name that’s become indistinguishable from the product. Botox® was approved for cosmetic use by the FDA in 2002. In 2009, a competitor, Dysport® was approved for the same use as well as Xeomin® in 2011. All three brands use botulinum toxin type A as their active ingredient.


All 3 provide comparable results, although Dysport does have a faster onset and many patients feel it lasts a bit longer. For those reasons, we choose Dysport as our main injectable neuromodulator.

Dr. Gallo is trained in advanced BOTOX & DYSPORT techniques using both the elevator and depressor muscles. This allows for full facial expression without the wrinkles, resulting in a lifted, refreshed and more youthful appearance. Results usually last from four to six months. Areas of lower muscle activity and patients with less muscle density usually require less. Patients can often reduce the amount needed to sustain results by returning for a touch-up treatment as soon as they detect excess movement in the treated area. Over time, many patients need fewer treatments, as the etching of lines relax and may even disappear. Younger patients can use both as a preventative treatment and usually need much less. Getting rid of crows feet and frown lines for good is easier than you think.

xeominXEOMIN® is the latest contender in a growing list of FDA approved injectables. BOTOX® and XEOMIN® are generally the same in terms of both onset and duration but XEOMIN® has no proteins. This may mean that there is less risk of developing antibodies against XEOMIN®. The body develops antibodies in response to a foreign invader and attacks. In theory, this means BOTOX® could be less effective then XEOMIN® if antibodies were to develop.

Because each person is unique in the number of units needed for their treatment, we charge by the unit. Keep in mind a younger person generally needs less units than an older person and men typically need more units than women because of stronger facial muscles. For that reason, we believe it is unfair to charge all patients the same price per area.
Often referred to as “a facelift in a bottle”, it is a purified protein. When small doses are injected into the facial muscles, nerve impulses are blocked, allowing the muscle to relax and smooth out dynamic wrinkles. Everyone will get dynamic wrinkles. They are caused by years of expressive facial muscle movement. Over time they add years to your appearance making you look angry, stressed or sad, even when you are not. Injections are relatively pain free, safe and very effective. The procedure itself lasts about 15 minutes and there is no downtime.
Those who have received Botox in the past may already know how many units they need to achieve their desired result. For those not familiar, the below chart can be used as a reference guide.


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