All procedures are performed by Dr. James Gallo, a board certified & licensed MD.


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For simplicity, all Dysport pricing listed below is converted to Botox equivalent units (3:1 ratio).

Less than or = 20 units is $12 per unit

21 – 40 units is $11 per unit per unit

41 – 60 units is $10.50 per unit

Greater than 60 units is $10 per unit

Restylane Lyft * Restylane Silk * Classic Restylane

$550 per 1ml syringe

Restylane Defyne * Restylane Refyne * Restylane Kysse

$575 per 1ml syringe.

*Restylane Contour* 

$600 per 1ml syringe

Specialty Tear Trough filler (Belotero)

micro cannula technique $600 for a 1ml syringe.

Radiesse 1.5ml syringe

$600 per 1.5ml syringe

Sculptra Aesthetic 1 vial

$650 per vial