Customized Lip Enhancements by Dr. Gallo

Lips are as unique as the individual. Complimenting, enhancing or defining what you are born with is the key to a natural look.  Too much projection or a disproportionate top to bottom lip ratio results in the over-done ‘trout pout’ our patients are looking to avoid.  Lip augmentation is a skilled art form so choose your injector wisely.   At Victory Medical Spa we offer a variety of lip fillers to satisfy all of our patients’ preferences and concerns.  Below is a collection of various lip shapes & sizes showcasing their beautiful outcomes by Dr. Gallo, having over a decade of experience.

Since we only inject 1 syringe per sitting, it is virtually impossible to make your lips bigger than you desire. Each syringe is 1ml. There are 5mls in one teaspoon. That should put things a little more in perspective. For someone desiring a more defined border or slight plump, 1 syringe is usually enough. For those desiring voluminous lips often depicted on Instagram, more than one syringe will be needed. How many depends on the size of your lips to begin with and your desired outcome. Two weeks is the standard mark where all swelling should be subsided revealing the result. We only inject 1 syringe at a time because your natural lips need time to expand and integrate with the product. We recommend adding additional syringes about a month apart. The slow and steady wins the race. Once you get to your desired outcome we recommend topping off with 1 syringe of lip filler every 6-9 months to maintain your result.