Wishing for a Botox Alternative?

Botox is currently the most popular treatment for reducing wrinkles in certain areas of the face. Although approved by the FDA for over 10 years now with an excellent safety record, some are still not comfortable with the idea.

The Good News

ThermiRase is the newest FDA approved technology that offers a long awaited toxin-free botox alternative. The end result is the same, but lasts much longer. Another big advantage is the results are immediate and only one treatment is needed!

Proponents believe this procedure creates a more natural look than Botox.
It is also effective even on patients who have developed a resistance to the neurotoxin. In addition, ThermiRase can provide a moderate lifting effect to the brow.

How it Works

The ThermiRase procedure is minimally invasive and specifically targets the nerves that activate the muscles causing the wrinkles. Since this procedure ablates the nerve itself, it takes a much longer time for the nerve to regenerate and a patient can enjoy having no frown lines for up to two years or more!

The Procedure

This cutting edge botox alternative uses a small probe to deliver temperature controlled radio-frequency energy under the skin. Local anesthesia is administered prior to the procedure for your comfort. Most people experience no pain and report only feeling a heat sensation during the treatment. The most common side effects are swelling, redness and bruising. These are usually mild and of short duration.

Who is a Candidate?

Anyone, except those who are pregnant or nursing, who wishes to reduce and relax the frown lines or 11’s between the brows without the use of Botox is a candidate

James A. Gallo, MD currently sits on the clinical advisory board for ThermiRase and is one of the few highly trained physicians in the New England area that has been chosen to showcase this amazing new technology.

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