Rhode Island Lip Filler

Natural Results
Rhode Island lip fillerLip injections are an art form just as much as they are a medical procedure. It isn’t just about having bigger lips or looking like a certain celebrity. It is about determining how big the lips should be in relation to the face for an aesthetically pleasing result. This principle known as the ‘golden ratio’ assures patients look more beautiful than just having big lips that look un-natural to their facial anatomy. The ‘golden ratio’ theory developed by world famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci, is 1 to 1.618 (top lip to bottom lip). This is what is found in nature and deemed to be most attractive through many documented studies. Keeping with this ratio also assures avoiding the dreaded ‘duck lip’ look that many patients are fearful of their first time getting lip injections in Rhode Island.

Since 2003, FDA approved hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm are the preferred lip filler in Rhode Island. This is also the safest choice in that HA is a sugar molecule found naturally in our bodies, so pre-injection skin testing is not necessary. Over a time- period of about 6-18 months, the product is fully absorbed by the body. There is also an enzyme available to dissolve the filler if ever needed.

The chance of an adverse event or reaction is extremely rare and side effects are very minimal with a qualified medical doctor. Unfortunately, as popularity increases, there are those out there that know very little about injecting lip fillers in Rhode Island correctly, which could lead to serious complications. Do your research and ask to see before and after photos of actual patients

When a new lip injection patient comes to our office they generally have 2 fears. The first one I will address is pain. Some patients have never had their lips done before whereas others have gotten them done elsewhere and it ended up being a very painful experience for them. Dr. Gallo has a specially compounded prescription grade numbing cream along with being trained in an advanced injection technique that make the experience quite tolerable. Each injection spot is also pre-iced to constrict blood vessels, to minimize any bruising. We also have patients refrain from aspirin, alcohol, fish oil, vitamin E and any other blood thinning medications or supplements they may be on for 1 week prior to the procedure. Some patients will swell more than others in the first 24-48 hours but we have post-procedure measures to counteract that as well.

The second fear I will address is lip size. Since we only inject 1 syringe per sitting, it is virtually impossible to make your lips bigger than you desire. Each syringe is 1ml. There are 5mls in one teaspoon. That should put things a little more in perspective. For someone desiring a more defined border or slight plump, 1 syringe is usually enough. For those desiring voluminous lips depicted on Instagram, multiple syringes will be needed. How many depends on the size of your lips to begin with and your desired outcome. Two weeks is the standard mark where all swelling should be subsided revealing the result. We only inject 1 syringe at a time because your natural lips need time to expand and integrate with the product. We recommend adding additional syringes about a month apart. The slow and steady wins the race. Once you get to your desired outcome we recommend topping off with 1 syringe of lip filler every 6-9 months to maintain your result.

Cost is a definite factor in deciding if Rhode Island lip injections are right for you. The US National average is between $500 to $650 per 1ml syringe. Should you decide to stop getting lip injections at any time, your lips will shrink back to their natural state. Despite what you may hear, you won’t be left with saggy lips.

If you are interest in Rhode Island lip filler, call Kim at 401-458-0825 or check out our website at www.victorymedspa.com. Not only to we offer some of the best pricing in the area, Dr. Gallo is also a master of his skill.

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