DermaSculpt™ Micro-Cannula
Instead of the Needle

If there were a way to have your fillers injected with less pain, less downtime, less risk and less or no bruising, would opt for that choice? That choice IS available.  Micro-Cannula filler injections IS the new standard of care. Dr. Gallo* is the only one in the area that has been performing this procedure on his patients since its US FDA approval in 2011.


Why are other doctors or ‘medical spas’ in the area not using this amazing new technique?  As with any new aesthetic advancement, Europe and Canada are always far ahead of the US.  Once FDA approved in the US, west coast physicians are usually the first to offer a new procedure to their patients. It can then take several years before any new technology makes its way to the east coast.  Because Dr. Gallo attends many lectures and training seminars each year on the west coast, he is always aware of the latest science and breakthroughs.  Also, with the micro-cannula it does take longer to inject fillers as compared to the sharp needle, which may deter some injectors.  Dr. Gallo takes his time as patient comfort, safety and satisfaction is most important to him.   Less pain, less downtime, less risk and usually NO bruising.. why would any injector chose NOT use the micro-cannula ?
*Trained by Dr. Stephen Mullholland, one of Canada’s top plastic surgeons and certified through SpaMedica® International in advanced aesthetic enhancement procedures.

What is a micro-cannula?
A  micro-cannula is a very thin, tiny, flexible hollow tube with a smooth round tip.   The sharp end is gone!  Instead of many needle sticks, we only need a single entry point for the micro-cannula. That means less needle marks, less pain and far less probability of bruising.

What are the benefits of a micro-cannula over a needle?
·       Reduced Pain
·       Little to No Bruising in Most Patients
·       Much Lower Risk of Complications

Micro-cannula injection requires a single entry point for a large area instead of many as occurs with a traditional sharp needle. Because the tip of the cannula is smooth and rounded, small vessels are simply pushed out of the way instead of being cut – so instead of pain you’ll most frequently experience little more than pressure.  Needles push the filler in front of the needle tip through an open end.  Micro-cannulas have a small opening on the side and a closed end. This opening provides a smoother delivery of the filler so no matter what the pressure from the injector, there is a smoother flow of material.  

What areas of the face can the micro-cannula be used? Any place where there is volume loss or an enhancement is desired. Typical areas are cheeks, mid face, under eye hollows (tear troughs), jowls and jawline.