Rhode Island’s Victory Medical Spa talks about the HISTORY OF BOTOX.

From Toxin To Multi- Billion Dollar Fountain of Youth Industry

BOTOX was first discovered in the 1820’s when Dr. Justinus Kerner  researched what was the cause of death for some Germans who had consumed sausage. Turns out it was food–borne botulinum toxin.

Rhode Island Botox imageThen during the 1940’s, the United States attempted to use this poison to take out its enemies.  Botulism capsules were made and given to Chinese prostitutes to slip into the food and drink of high ranking Japanese officers during WWII.  According to a 2004 article published in the journal Clinical Medicine, during this time, the mission was not completed.

In the 1950s, Dr. Edward J.Schantz and others purified botulinum into crystalline form.  This would be the basis of safe use in future medicine.   Dr. Vernon Brooks discovered that in small doses, botulism temporarily relaxed muscles.

Over the next few decades, studies and further research revealed that purified botulinum  was a safe and effective treatment for crossed eyes.  It also helped to relieve all kinds of facial and vocal cord spasms.  BOTOX, the brand name for this purified botulinum, was finally approved by the FDA for multiple medical uses in 1989.

As more research was conducted, it was uncovered that BOTOX temporarily cured excessive sweating and cerebral palsy in the 1990’s.  During this same timeframe, its ability to diminish wrinkles was discovered by accident.  Ophthalmologist, Dr. Jean Carruthers was injecting patients around the eyes to help with spasms and noticing their wrinkles disappearing.  Word took off so quickly about this potential fountain of youth that we temporarily ran out of it in the late 1990’s!

Finally in 2002, BOTOX Cosmetic was officially approved by the FDA for use in the area between the eyebrows and in 2004 for treatment of excess sweating in the armpits.  Allergen’s lucrative business has been booming and growing ever since with sales almost hitting 6 billion in 2012.

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