Can Botox Help With Depression?

Can Botox in Rhode Island help with Depression?

botox-and-depressionIt was Darwin himself who theorized that “you feel the way you look” just as much as “you look the way you feel”. If he were alive today, I am quite sure he would be very excited about the discovery of Botox to test out his facial feedback hypothesis. His theory states that facial expression can influence how we feel emotionally. Simply put, if you continually force yourself to smile you may find yourself feeling a bit happier. So does that mean if we lessen or lose the inability to frown and scowl our mood could improve as well?

There have been several small studies over the past couple of years by various physicians regarding Botox and depression. And the findings suggest an interesting mind-body connection that may shed light on future ways to relieve depressive symptoms.

The first random controlled study was published in the May 2012 Journal of Psychiatric Research. This was done on 30 patients with long standing major depression that had not been helped by antidepressants. The study was conducted over a 16 week period and patients received a single dose in the glabellar region (ie.frown lines) between these eyes. During the course of the study the group treated with Botox had a 47% decrease in depressive symptoms whereas the placebo group only reported a 9% reduction.

Since more research and larger studies will need to be conducted, it is too soon to say if Botox might be the next big thing in helping those that suffer from depression. Since Botox is most often used in the facials muscles associated with negative emotions such as stress, anger and worry, it makes sense the treatments may help some depressed individuals.

I can say from my experience as a physician that Botox on an aesthetic level can make people feel better about the way they look. My patients are able to face every day with a renewed self-esteem and self-confidence about their appearance.

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