So What’s The Big Deal About Botox Anyway?

Botox and Dysport in Rhode Island

There are many assumptions by people towards those who may choose to use Botox or Dysport to refresh their appearance. Most of these judgments could not be further from the truth. This is why many people, at least in Rhode Island, do not want anyone to know they are receiving the injections.

Maybe you know someone who just never seems to age? Are they one of the few lucky ones who have awesome genetics? Probably not. Chances are they may be using Botox or Dysport and you don’t even know it. The injections are not just for rich housewives and Hollywood stars. When done correctly, the result is very natural without that frozen or plastic look that many still associate with the treatment.

Choosing to use Botox or Dysport is a personal decision, though millions of men and women from all walks of life are having the treatment done to keep up their appearance. Some of our very own patients at Victory Medical Spa in Rhode Island include, bus drivers, stay at home moms, retirees, school teachers, hair dressers and lawyers.

There are many people who are not bothered by wrinkles or the progressive aging process but for the rest of us, there is nothing wrong with wanting to put your best face forward every day. When you feel good about yourself, your personal and professional life only improves. Women don’t think anything of wearing makeup, coloring their hair or exercising to keep their body fit, so why should Botox or Dysport treatments be viewed any differently?

Billions of dollars each year are spent on anti- aging creams, some very expensive, promising to do what Botox and Dysport does. I hate to break the news to you, but there is no topical solution that can even come close to relaxing those crows feet, forehead lines or the scowl between your eyes. These are dynamic wrinkles, which are caused by repeated muscle movement when we make certain facial expressions. Dynamic wrinkles will worsen over time. Deciding to have the treatment will relax the facial muscles and make the wrinkles less prominent. Keeping up on the treatment, between every 4-6 months, will also help them from getting worse. The choice is yours.

At Victory Medical Spa, all injections are done by James A. Gallo, MD a licensed and board certified physician. Each patient is evaluated individually and we specialize in devising the most cost effective treatment plan to address your concerns. Call Kim at 401-458-0825 to schedule your appointment.

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