The MicroCannula Revolutionizes Dermal Filler Treatments in RI

Have you had Restylane or Juvederm in RI?

For those who have had Restylane or Juvederm injections in the past know what I am talking about. Hypodermic sharp needles can only cover a very small area of the face, so several injections are often needed to achieve your desired result. Not only does this increase discomfort and pain for the patient during dermal filler injections, but the greater potential to damage nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin can cause more bruising, swelling or possible other complications.

Enter the revolutionary blunt tipped microcannula. I hesitate to call it new, as I have been using it exclusively at Victory Medical Spa for most of my patients since it’s inception over 3 years ago. Only one or two entry points are usually needed for a particular area of the face. Once inserted under the skin, the flexible non-sharp medical device is able to move around blood vessels and facial nerves, so very little to no damage is caused. I am able to easily manuvere deep under the skin and place dermal filler exactly where it needs to be to restore volume loss. Radiesse in the cheeks, Restylane in the lips & tear troughs and Juvederm in the nasolabial folds & marionette lines are easily filled achieving what many feel is a more natural look.

There is no doubt in my mind that the microcannula will become the future standard of care for injectables such as Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse. If you could offer your patients dermal filler treatments with less swelling, less risk of bruising, and less risk of complications, why would you not? Making the decision to offer this option to my patients was a no-brainer for me and it still baffles me why many others in the medical profession have not done the same.

The microcannulas do cost a little bit more than the sharp needles but this is a small investment I absorb on my end to be able to offer a safer and better outcome for my patients. I suspect in the near future, there will be a day when physicians will look back and talk about the old days when they used a sharp needles and wonder why they didn’t make the switch sooner.

Want to see what other reputable physicans around the country that also use the microcannula for dermal fillers are saying??

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