Is Botox Worth the Money?

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Because the results from Botox are temporary, many people think of it only as a quick fix for a special event or simply not worth the money. But did you know that long term use of Botox can prevent your wrinkles from getting worse as you age? When you keep up on your treatments, you are reducing the muscle movement that causes the wrinkles to get deeper over time.

You make facial expressions all day. Whether it be smiling, frowning, squinting or raising your brow. Making these expressions causes temporary lines to show up on your face. When you are younger and your skin has more collagen, these lines go away at rest. As your skin ages and you lose collagen, making these expressions day in and day out causes the lines to worsen and eventually become permanently etched, even at rest.

The average price range for Botox treatments in the US is anywhere from $200 to $400 per area. The 3 standard areas being crows-feet (lines on the sides of the eyes), forehead lines and the 11’s between the eyes known as the glabellar muscle. However, many practices will give discounts when treating multiple areas at one appointment, bringing down your cost.

There are many factors that determine the cost of Botox treatments. Prices will vary depending on who is doing the injections (ie. physican or nurse ), amount of units needed for optimal results (an older person typically needs more units than an younger person), business overhead ect.

A more expensive doctor does not necessarily mean a better outcome but be sure to choose a reputable, well trained and skilled physician. Be cautious about businesses offering online coupons and groupons offering treatments at prices too good to be true. If the Botox is over diluted or you don’t get the optimal amount injected into the right muscles, the treatment will not last very long. Or worse, you could have a ‘botched’ result.

If you get the proper amount of Botox for your individual needs into the correct muscles, the optimal result can last 3-4 months in many people. Those who keep up with treatments may be able to go a little longer between appointments as the muscles get conditioned not to move so much.

Let’s say your Botox treatment costs $400 and last 4 months. This means that if you want to maintain optimal results, you will need 3 appointments per year, costing a total of $1200. That is a lot of money for many people but if you can set aside $25 per week or $100 per month, it doesn’t seem so bad. Even if you only went every 6 months, there would still be some long term benefit.

While these treatments are certainly not a necessity, if you can set aside a little money each month, it is certainly worth it to many people. No face cream, even the most expensive ones, can come close to what Botox can do.
Consistent use of Botox over the long term helps keep wrinkles at bay. So if you have found a skilled injector and love the results, and you’ve got some money to spare, then yes, Botox IS worth it.

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