Victory Medical Spa Now Offering Voluma

RI Medical Spa Now Offering Voluma

Voluma in Rhode IslandWhen choosing a dermal filler, we all want the safest and longest lasting product for our money. A long awaited FDA approval has finally come. Voluma, by the makers of Juvederm, is now the longest lasting hyuralonic acid dermal filler on the market. Clinical studies show the product can last up to 24 months. It has also been safely and effectively used in other countries.

Voluma is Juvederms thickest formulation to date and is used to restore mid-face volume loss or fill deep wrinkles. As with most dermal fillers on the market, it comes in 1ml vials. How many vials needed varies per individual. Most patients will need at least 2 vials to start, 1 vial per each side, to see that lift in the cheeks they are seeking. Older patients may need more, depending on the results they desire.

Voluma may also be used to fill deep nasolabial folds, those dreaded nose to mouth lines. Due to its thicker consistency, the product is not meant for use under the eyes or for lip enhancement. Juvederm has other formulations that are better suited for these areas.

James A. Gallo, MD performs all the procedures at Victory Medical Spa and is the only physician in the area that has been using the micro-cannula injection technique for dermal fillers since its inception over 3 years ago. Since the longevity of any dermal filler is dependent on how deep the product is injected, needle injections can’t even compare. Other benefits of the micro-cannula over a needle are reduced pain, much lower risk of complications and no bruising in most patients.

At Victory Medical Spa we are offering Voluma at $600 for 1 vial or $1100 for 2 vials. Other formulations of Juvederm are $500 per vial For more information check out our website at or call Kim at 401-458-0825 for any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.

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Are you paying too much at your RI Medical Spa for Botox ?

RI Medical SpasAs more people search for that fountain of youth to help erase some of the ravages of time from their faces, Botox treatments have become main stream in many areas of the country.  Much like coloring your hair every month to cover the grays, millions of women and men in the US receive Botox treatments every 3-4 months to keep up a more youthful appearance. So how do you know if you are paying a fair price for your treatments?

At Victory Medical Spa in RI, we see many new patients for Botox who were getting treatment elsewhere. Surprisingly, most do not actually know how much they received previously. They just know how much they paid.

Facial anatomy, depth of wrinkles and other important factors will vary among each of us, so we all do not need the same amount of Botox. For a basic example, a younger person on average would need less and a male would usually need more than a female due to stronger facial muscles. It is for this reason we charge per unit.  Since each of us is unique, we believe it is only fair to charge a patient for how much they actually need to produce the desired result.

For those that are familiar with paying by the unit and know how much you pay, in RI a fair price would range between $10 – $12 per unit.  But some medical spas in Rhode Island charge by the area ranging anywhere between $300 to $400 per each area.

If you are paying by the area and are curious to see if paying by the unit is a more affordable option, the below calculations are based on Victory Medical Spa’s regular Botox price of $10 per unit.

Area One: The frown lines or 11′s which is that scowl between the eyes that can make us look stressed or angry usually costs between $150 -$300 meaning the average person needs anywhere from 15-30 units to get an effective result.  Most females can get a great result with 20 units or less, while males usually need more.

Area Two: The forehead wrinkles cost runs between $100 – $200, which means 10 – 20 units of Botox to relax those horizontal lines

Area Three: Crows feet eye wrinkles cost runs between $120 -$240 , which means 12 to 24 units depending on the severity of the crows feet.

James A. Gallo, MD, a board certified and licensed medical doctor performs all the injections.  You can check out our website at for more info or Call Kim at 401-458-0825 with any questions you may have or to make your appointment.  Come find out for yourself why we are the best at what we do with the most affordable pricing around.

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Can Botox Help With Depression?

Can Botox in Rhode Island help with Depression?

botox-and-depressionIt was Darwin himself who theorized that “you feel the way you look” just as much as “you look the way you feel”. If he were alive today, I am quite sure he would be very excited about the discovery of Botox to test out his facial feedback hypothesis. His theory states that facial expression can influence how we feel emotionally. Simply put, if you continually force yourself to smile you may find yourself feeling a bit happier. So does that mean if we lessen or lose the inability to frown and scowl our mood could improve as well?

There have been several small studies over the past couple of years by various physicians regarding Botox and depression. And the findings suggest an interesting mind-body connection that may shed light on future ways to relieve depressive symptoms.

The first random controlled study was published in the May 2012 Journal of Psychiatric Research. This was done on 30 patients with long standing major depression that had not been helped by antidepressants. The study was conducted over a 16 week period and patients received a single dose in the glabellar region (ie.frown lines) between these eyes. During the course of the study the group treated with Botox had a 47% decrease in depressive symptoms whereas the placebo group only reported a 9% reduction.

Since more research and larger studies will need to be conducted, it is too soon to say if Botox might be the next big thing in helping those that suffer from depression. Since Botox is most often used in the facials muscles associated with negative emotions such as stress, anger and worry, it makes sense the treatments may help some depressed individuals.

I can say from my experience as a physician that Botox on an aesthetic level can make people feel better about the way they look. My patients are able to face every day with a renewed self-esteem and self-confidence about their appearance.

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Wishing for a Botox Alternative?

Botox is currently the most popular treatment for reducing wrinkles in certain areas of the face. Although approved by the FDA for over 10 years now with an excellent safety record, some are still not comfortable with the idea.

The Good News

ThermiRase is the newest FDA approved technology that offers a long awaited toxin-free botox alternative. The end result is the same, but lasts much longer. Another big advantage is the results are immediate and only one treatment is needed!

Proponents believe this procedure creates a more natural look than Botox.
It is also effective even on patients who have developed a resistance to the neurotoxin. In addition, ThermiRase can provide a moderate lifting effect to the brow.

How it Works

The ThermiRase procedure is minimally invasive and specifically targets the nerves that activate the muscles causing the wrinkles. Since this procedure ablates the nerve itself, it takes a much longer time for the nerve to regenerate and a patient can enjoy having no frown lines for up to two years or more!

The Procedure

This cutting edge botox alternative uses a small probe to deliver temperature controlled radio-frequency energy under the skin. Local anesthesia is administered prior to the procedure for your comfort. Most people experience no pain and report only feeling a heat sensation during the treatment. The most common side effects are swelling, redness and bruising. These are usually mild and of short duration.

Who is a Candidate?

Anyone, except those who are pregnant or nursing, who wishes to reduce and relax the frown lines or 11’s between the brows without the use of Botox is a candidate

James A. Gallo, MD currently sits on the clinical advisory board for ThermiRase and is one of the few highly trained physicians in the New England area that has been chosen to showcase this amazing new technology.

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Restylane or Radiesse? – RI Restylane Doctor Informs You

The RI Restylane Doctor want you to know which dermal filler is right for you.

It wasn’t much more than a decade ago that the only way to turn back the clock on the facial aging process was invasive plastic surgery. Today we are fortunate that there are many minimally invasive options that can smooth out wrinkles, restore lost volume and resurface our skin, all resulting in a more youthful appearance. Even better is that many of these procedures can be done in less than an hour, with little or no downtime.

Restylane-in-Rhode-IslandUsing dermal fillers, such as Restylane and Radiesse, can dramatically slow the signs of aging for decades helping to delay or avoid the need for plastic surgery. Women and men of all ages are increasingly turning to these procedures to help preserve or restore a more youthful appearance.

Restylane has been used world-wide by millions since 1996. This hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal filler has an excellent safety record. HA is also a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. Since HA is hydrophilic, once Restylane is injected, it binds to the skin’s natural stores of water. This results in a plumping of the skin and a smoother more youthful appearance in the treated area. Tear troughs, nasolabial folds, and lips are the most common areas that HA fillers are used. Results can last from 6-9 months.

Radiesse is another popular dermal filler used to smooth out wrinkles. It is unique in that it is the only calcium-based filler on the market. It also stimulates your own natural collagen to grow in the areas that are treated. Because it is thicker substance, it should not be used in the lips or tear troughs. Radiesse is a great option to restore lost volume in large areas such as the cheeks and the jawline. It is also great for patients that have deeper wrinkles and folds. Many patients prefer using Radiesse because results can last over a year.

Looking for Radiesse or Restylane in RI ?

James A. Gallo, MD is the only physician in the state to use the revolutionary DermaSculpt™ Micro-Cannula to administer Restylane and Radiesse. Results are beautiful and natural looking. The experience is virtually pain-free with less risk and down-time as compared to traditional needle injections. For those that have had dermal fillers in the past using needles, you will be amazed at the difference.

Please visit our website for more information.

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What is Restylane?

What is Restylane?

Dr. Gallo from Victory Medical Spa wants you to learn about Restylane. It is a dermal filler made from hyaluronic acid, which is a substance present in the human body. Its highest concentrations can be found in eye fluid and joints. Used as an injectable in medical aesthetics, it enables skin to retain its shape and volume. Hyaluronic acid is a hydrophilic, meaning it attracts water. Once injected into the skin, Restylane binds to the body’s natural stores of water, plumping up the skin and giving it a smoother, more youthful appearance.

restylane in RI

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Rhode Island’s Victory Medical Spa talks about the HISTORY OF BOTOX.

From Toxin To Multi- Billion Dollar Fountain of Youth Industry

BOTOX was first discovered in the 1820’s when Dr. Justinus Kerner  researched what was the cause of death for some Germans who had consumed sausage. Turns out it was food–borne botulinum toxin.

Rhode Island Botox imageThen during the 1940’s, the United States attempted to use this poison to take out its enemies.  Botulism capsules were made and given to Chinese prostitutes to slip into the food and drink of high ranking Japanese officers during WWII. 

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Botox in Rhode Island with Natural Results

If you are thinking about having Botox in RI, you obviously want to achieve the best results possible. By itself, Botox is simply a tool. What ultimately matters is how it is being used and by whom.

When many people think of Botox, they may think of a frozen faced celebrity talked about on TV or in the tabloids for their obviously overdone look. I am here to tell you it does NOT have to look like that. I don’t know if these exaggerated results are intentional or accidental by an over-zealous Beverly Hills doctor BUT at Victory Medical Spa we are all about looking natural.

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